Venezuela unique culture

Culture is present in all countries in the whole world wide,it is belief, value and behaviour that constitutes human way of life. Venezuela is a country with diverse cultures and a complex one, this is as a result of the settlement of different people making Venezuela their home.Although Venezuela have her own distinctive culture, art and music.

Venezuela values and norms

  • Venezuela have a rich original culture and heritage which is quite unique from any other culture. Her culture became diverse in the 17th century where by there was much immigration turn up by people from around the world, like the Italians, Moroccan Jews, German, Arabs, Portuguese and others from the neighboring country of South America. 94% of the native Venezuelan lives in the urban areas in the Northern part of Venezuela. 4% of the Venezuelans population attends the protestant church while, 96% pronounce themselves Catholic.
  • Venezuela culture, art and heritage are critically influenced by the Caribbean contexts. It’s influence extended to the boundaries, architecture, art, historic buildings, monuments of Venezuela. While the culture’s influence could be traced down to the Spanish and African people.Primitive Venezuela’s indigenous culture was expressed in art, social organizations and crafts architecture.

  • There are different kinds of festivals in Venezuela but one of their major festivals is called Corpus Christi, which is often indicated by people putting on mask, uniforms and dancing devil outfits dancing all around the streets of Venezuela. The history of this festival goes back to the days of Spanish Colonization. Due to high population of the Spanish immigrants in Venezuela, the establishment of that festival marks the old days of Spanish colonization. Other festivals includes the wedding ceremony Whereby the couples are tied together in holy matrimony.
  • Arts in Venezuela was majorly dominated by the religious motives but later on began to emphasize on historic and heroic representation in the late 19th century. While the architecture in Venezuela are all kind of ancient architectural buildings with background. Each ancient building has its own beginning like its own background from where it began. All ancient buildings in Venezuela represent its past.
  • Music in Venezuela is a unique one with different categories such as the Zuliangaita which is usually perform during Christmas as the music has a dance which is national danced by the people of Venezuela namely joropo. One of the best talented musical artist is the Terrasacarre o, who was a famous all around the world in the 19th century for playing of piano virtuoso.

All of the cultures of Venezuela was diversified when the Spanish and the African settled down in Venezuela bringing in their own values, norms, culture and belief. Gradually mixing up their culture with the Venezuelan and making it more complex to differentiate. Most of the descendants of the nation are mainly Christians religiously. Above all regardless the cultures or belief of the people in Venezuela, they certainly come together and believe in sports. Venezuela have received different awards regarding pageant such as, miss world, miss international and so on. According to the world ranking Venezuela are being considered one of the most happiest countries on planet earth.

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